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Interstellar Supply Chains

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Research Highlights

An ontological model for supply chain systems Fortcoming

A stochastic analysis of static complexity in manufacturing systems [2]

This paper presents static complexity in manufacturing systems. Static complexity can be viewed as a function of the structure of the system, connective patterns, variety of components and the strengths of interactions. We seek the acceptable static complexity levels for different types of manufacturing systems by means of their system performances. In general, deterministic processing times or expected values of processing times are considered to measure the complexity and related system performance in the production and operations management field. We consider stochastic processing requirements with a number of different processing distributions and levels of variability on the static complexity measurements. The objective of this paper is to reveal characteristics of the static complexity by making observations about the behavior of different systems in a hypothetical manufacturing environment. This would help in analyzing the properties in different manufacturing systems due to static complexity and system performance.

On the sub-optimality of strategic decisions [3]

Conceptual view of fitness and fitness measurement of strategic decisions on information systems, technological systems and innovation are becoming more important in recent years. This paper determines some dynamics of fitness landscape which are lead to termination of decision makers' search before reaching the global maximum in strategic decisions. These dynamics are specified according to management decision making models and supported with simulation results. This article determines simulation results by means of Fitness Value and Probability of Optimality. Correlation between these two concepts may be remarkable according to revealing optimal values in innovative and research-based decision making approaches beside sub-optimal results of traditional decision making approaches.



Oculus Supra is a high level scientific viewpoint which includes weird, absurd, unusual but well-focused works/subjects from mad scientists' dedicated efforts.


Fitness Landscape is a evolutionary perspective which is used to visualize the relationship between genotypes and reproductive success in evolutionary biology.


B'log is a web blog about my daily activities.


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